Head Mould workshop owns all kinds of advanced equipment which are the

best in the mold industry. Form MIKRON High speed CNC to CHARMILLES wire Cutting, state-of-the-art machine processes every mold component precisely. Most importantly, we have a team of highly-trained and skillful craftsmen who take pride in their work with a serious commitment to meet your most stringent specifications.

Molding Department of Head Mould have two plastic injection machine, 150 Ton and 300 Ton. In-house testing can check the tool immediately and save time. We have experience in a lot of raw material such as ABS , PP, PC, PA, POM. Especially we have rich experience in high temperature Engineering material, including PPI, PPO, PPS, PEEK. We also have made a lot of 2 shot moulding and Gas injection tool. We deliver manufacturing solutions from simple to complicated for different area such as automotive, industrial, construction and electronics.



CNC Machine CenterMIKRON1700*500*5000.0120000
CNC Machine CenterBinsheng
CNC Machine CenterTaiwang31000*600*6000.028000
CNC Machine CenterJIATIE2500*400*3300.0120000
CNC Machine CenterZhenggang2850*500*5000.028000
Mirror EDMMirrodick2600*400*3500.01

Mirror EDMHanba21000*500*4000.01

Mirror EDMHanba11200*1000*5000.01

Wire cust machineSanguang2500*350*2500.005



Injection MachinePOYUEN1300T

Injection MachineHaitian1250T

Injection Machine

Equipment List

Procision Tool Plant

Big Tool Plant